Hamirpur Public School

Our Motto Education Unlimited
Affilition No. : 630122, School Code No. : 23067


Centeral Board Of
Secondary Education
Organization Under The
Union Ministry of Human
Resource Development.
Govt of India

Admission/Registration open for Session 2018-19

School Programs

HPS, Hamirpur takes pride in implementing the best global practices in education. It offers its students the excellence associated with the Hamirpur Public School along with the school programmes designed to address the challenges and needs of adolescence in an ever changing world.

In the Junior School (LKG – Class V) students are sensitized to human needs and values throughSmart Class Technology”. This methodology skillfully combines world mythology, inspirational stories, and folk tales, with craft work. This instills in students qualities of citizenship, and teaches them the importance of caring for the environment, their community and the world.

The middle and senior school students benefit from a Life Skills Programme dealing with adolescent issues. Students learn how to cope in the real world in the unthreatening environment of the classroom. Regular documentaries / films areshown on issues like peer pressure, stress and anger management, AIDS awareness and substance abuse.

Regular career counselling sessions are conducted by trained professionals to help students and parents take informed decisions. Students are assisted in making subject choices for Grade IX and the ‘A’ Levels.

Students are provided with opportunities to experience the diversity of India through educational trips to places of interest within the city and around India.

The Eco Clubs of the senior and junior school are actively involved in raising awareness of the student body. The importance of adopting eco friendly practices, the urgency of adopting next generation technologies and making a life style change is stressed.